At your request, enjoy our highly sought-after Standard Presentation Package, INCLUDED with each room rental.

Standard Presentation Package (with all room rentals) includes:

  • Computer, mouse, keyboard, presentation clicker
  • High-Definition Displays
  • Interactive Touch Displays
  • High-Quality Sound
  • Microphones
  • Height-Adjustable Podiums
  • Confidence Monitors
  • Whiteboards

Hosting an event in Sellers Auditorium?  In addition to amenities in the Standard Presentation Package, you will have access to the following room technology:

  • Stunning 32-foot 4K Ultra High-Definition LED video wall
  • Concert-Quality Line Array Sound System

Our goal is to help you feel comfortable with our technology to ensure you are prepared to make your best presentation. To ensure you have the best experience, the Bryant Conference Center offers a complementary technology run-through, with a skilled audiovisual technician, prior to your event.

Our skilled audiovisual technicians are also available during your event – simply press the HELP button on the wall panel in your room, and a technician will come to assist you.

Additional capabilities offered include:

  • Videoconferencing
  • Live Streaming
  • Meeting Recording
  • High-Definition Cameras with Automatic Presenter Tracking
  • Document Cameras
  • Concert and Performance Hosting
  • Multi-Room Presentation and Overflow Capability
  • Architectural Lighting Options
  • …and much more… Please request pricing information from your Conference Manager