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Picture of Ashley Olive

Ashley Olive

Executive Director
(205) 348-8600

Picture of Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith

Assistant Director of Business Development and Client Relations
(205) 348-4732

Picture of Jessica Wells

Jessica Wells

Program Assistant
(205) 348-8808

Picture of Matthew Stroud

Matthew Stroud

Business Development and Sales Manager
(205) 348-3006

Picture of Kaitlyn Ramsey

Kaitlyn Ramsey

Business Development and Sales Manager
(205) 348-8751

Picture of Amy Harvell

Amy Harvell

Events and Engagement Manager
(205) 348-6956

Picture of Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson

Manager of BCC Facilities - Operations
(205) 348-5685

Allen Voss

Team Leader - Operations

Picture of Eric Schuolz

Eric Schuolz

Team Leader - Operations

Joshua Mixon

A/V Tech Support

Slade Prisoc

A/V Tech Support

Picture of Matthew Tigner

Matthew Tigner

A/V Tech Support
(205) 348-8740

Mymsye Comer

Food and Beverage Service

Phillip Davis

BCC Custodian

Picture of Thomas King IV

Thomas King IV

BCC Custodian

Carroll Meaney

BCC Custodian