Birmingham/Central Room


Interactive Floor Plans

Birmingham Room & Central Room: Similar to Rast, Birmingham & Central Rooms are two rooms that guests can use separately or together.  Birmingham Room is the larger of the two, measuring 1,400 square feet.  The Central Room is only slightly smaller at 1,015 square feet. The two rooms combined measure 2,415 square feet.  The rooms are located on the second floor of the Bryant Conference Center and overlook the Bryant Museum courtyard and Rast patio.  The room can accommodate theater, banquet, and classroom setups making it ideal for small gatherings and large breakout events. 

                       Birmingham     Central        Total

Dimensions:       35x40           35x29         35x69

Square feet:       1,400            1,015          2,415

Theater:              100                  60             180

Banquet:               90                  60             170

Classroom:           75                   45            140