The Bryant Conference Center Staff

Discover the staff of the Bryant Conference Center and how they can help you organize your dream event.

Dr. Leroy Hurt

Associate Dean, Community Engagement
Bryant Conference Center Director
(205) 348-6224

Tara Campbell

Administrative Secretary
(205) 348-6225

Scott Johnson

Facilities Manager
(205) 348-5685

Josh Rivers

Assistant Director, Conference and Event Services
(205) 348-8751

Padgett Watkins

A/V Tech Support
(205) 348-8741

Lisa Sellers

Conference Manager
(205) 348-3006

Josh Foster

A/V Tech Support
(205) 348-8740 

Blake Waldrop

Conference Manager
(205) 348-4732

Tyler Steadham

A/V Tech Support
(205) 348-9743

Sandi O'Bryant

Conference Support Assistant
(205) 348-8600

Chad Jackson

Contracts and Invoicing
(205) 348-5355

Tory Shumpert

Sales Manager
(205) 348-8746


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